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165cm Lifelike Blonde Girl Full Body Silicone Oral Sex Dolls With Skeleton Japanese Real Skin Life Size Anal Love Doll For Men


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165cm Lifelike Blonde Girl Full Body Silicone Oral Sex Dolls With Skeleton Japanese Real Skin Life Size Anal Love Doll For Men

1.real100% silicone real sex dolls
2.beautiful full solid silicone sex dolls
3.really lifelike girls
4.customized full body
5. metal skeleton inside.
Height: 165cm
Hand length: 65cm
Leg length: 91cm
Shoulder Width: 35cm
Under Bust: 66cm
Bust: 82cm (32D)
Soles of the feet long: 21cm
Waistline: 62 cm
Hip circumference: 82 cm
Weight: 30 kg

This dolls can vaginal sex / oral sex and anal sex.


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[Brief Introduction]
The sexy adult doll is with high density material, intelligence sensation and temperature warmth. This product is fit for bikini display, underwear display and sexual play.
[About Function]
1. Material
Top-class silicone resin made, real smooth skin touched. We use the macromolecule medical silicone resin which is been certified by ROHS, REACH, and FDA, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length. The soften range is up to 0-100A . So the doll provides more durable service. The doll's skin color has purely natural luster and body has real smooth feelings by touch.
2. Craftworks
The doll's face is lovely pretty which is sculptured by experienced sculptor. The make-up is put on safe materials with no poisonous smell. The hair is long shining and sexy smooth. The breasts are highly firm and rounded. The nipples have great flexibility with slightly pink areolas. The navel has a natural centric mark and smooth depression. The private place is used the flocking skills which has no smell or oil either, and can be put into your preferable flavor.
Dolls range of activities 
     1, the head can be low before the rise of action can not be more than 45 degrees around the rotation, the operation can not exceed 45 degrees. 
     2, the arm, the arm can be lifted to the front of the chest, from about 60 degrees forward. You can bend slightly to the rear of 20 degrees. To raise the level of both sides to be flush with the chest at about the direction of 60 degrees on both sides. Arm can rotate 90 degrees in one direction. 
     3, the waist can be bent around the upright sitting position can be. 
     4, legs, thighs maximum can be separated into 170 degrees, you can do the splits on one leg to leg 100 degrees. 90 can be bent knee.
Maintenance instructions 
     1, simulation doll skin, body materials imported polymer silicone rubber, non-toxic and tasteless. Silicone products place a long time, the surface will be fine oil leakage phenomenon, which is due to silica gel formulations containing silicone oil, is a normal phenomenon, please wipe gently with a towel. 
  Dolls in the use and placement, the surface adhesion of dust and dirt, in order to keep the skin clean doll dolls good surface properties and is recommended once every maintenance over time. Maintenance intervals due to usage and preservation of the environment varies, generally once a month as well. 
     2 Maintenance: first with a sponge or towel dipped in warm water and gently wipe the surface of dolls, doll face if sticky dirt, wipe it with soapy water (soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel), do not force the smear . Do not use with corrosive cleaning agents, including strong acid, strong alkaline solution, such as a strong disinfectant and detergents. 
  After the surface is dry, give the doll to play lip or talc. Favorable conservation doll skin.  

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